Krishna Chavda is an illustrator who creates compelling illustrations and patterns for print, web, and textiles. She loves illustrating puns, food, architecture, birds, reptiles, insects, and animals in general. Her work calls upon the inner child and humorist inside us all; the one who dwells in a whimsical world where fish can paint and steaks have feelings. Close observations of the people, the conversations, the colors, and the life around Krishna serve as her inspirations, providing a spark for the next play-on-words illustration. Krishna also has a passion for surface design, creating patterns and prints for fabric, apparel, and home decor. Krishna’s patterns depict people, animals nature, and abstracted motifs, which can be found on a variety of apparel including yoga attire. Her palette is bright, playful, and her lines are brisk and wonky. 

She currently lives Hoboken, New Jersey. Previous homes include: Dar es Salaam,Tanzania; Florence, Italy; Savannah, Georgia; and various places in Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey

Things she likes: sunny-side up eggs, Muay Thai, good music, cheese, Sir David Attenborough, mangoes, Ultimate Frisbee, turkey/bison chili, anything knitted by her sister, being upside down - Krishna is a certified yoga teacher RYT200, check out her yoga website here.

Clients include:  Fordham University, University of Amsterdam, Cleveland Magazine, Babyfair Inc., Time Out New York, Food Network Magazine, Good Eggs, CUNY Staten Island Athletics, Lineage Wear, Washington Peace Center, 350 Solar Energy, Drew Magazine, The Village Voice, What's Up Annapolis, Main Street Family, Porsche, Sea Cliff Court Luxury Apartments, KRIA Tanzania LTD., Savannah Stopover Music Festival